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Crux OCM is an advanced process control solution provider for Flow, Power and DRA optimization of pipeline systems.  Our three optimization products maximize flow, optimize Power consumption, and optimize DRA consumption in real time pipeline operations. These efficiencies translate to increased revenue and reduced operations costs.

Crux OCM utilizes AI and real-time optimization to enable autonomous operation of pipelines, reducing the risk of operation and increasing volumetric throughput up to 4%.

Lower Control Room Operator Burden. Increase Volumetric Throughput. Optimize Power. Optimize DRA.

CRUX OCM has developed a pipeline specific advanced control application that works in conjunction with the customer’s existing SCADA system. Working alongside the operator, our solution assists in the management of set-point execution while still allowing operators to maintain full control over the pipeline.

To do this, proprietary models and control algorithms are used to deploy optimal set-points and manage constraints.

Our Products

Crux OCM FlowPower, and DRA optimization product lines are pre-engineered to each of our customers individual pipelines to ensure maximum value is achieved.


Increase flow utilizing AI and semi-autonomous operation. Increase bottom line revenue through increased volumetric throughput.


Reduce power consumption through real time optimization. Decrease power costs due to optimization of power management.


Reduce DRA consumption through real time optimization.  Decrease DRA costs due to optimization of DRA utilization.

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Crux OCM is a logical addition (exciting addition) to pipeline control technologies

– Heather Chalmers, President of GE Canda


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