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pipeBOT™ – The intelligent way to control pipelines

pipeBOT™ provides an automated solution for oil pipeline control room operators. The software allows them to manage start-up, shut-down, steady-state batch transitions, upsets, swings, strips, and DRAs of oil pipelines. pipeBOT™ is primarily intended to increase safety by reducing human factors incidents, to increase revenue by increasing volumetric throughput, and to improve business continuity by reducing long-duration unplanned outages.

Since 2021, after pipeBOT™ went commercial, customer sentiment has been positive, especially in reducing the control room operator workload and increasing revenue.

Here are some key points to mention (since we receive these questions frequently):

pipeBOT™ is not an advisory system.
pipeBOT™ does closed-loop control execution of procedures, checklists, and rules of thumb.
pipeBOT™ does decrease control room operator fatigue.
pipeBOT™ does increase volumetric throughput (revenue).
pipeBOT™ does increase safety. pipeBOT™ does decrease pressure cycling.
pipeBOT™ does increase efficiency (lowering carbon footprint).
pipeBOT™ does increase business continuity.

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