How does Hybrid Methodology redefine deployment?

Hello! I am Temoc Garduno, and I am dedicated to managing automation and optimization deployments for our clients at CruxOCM. I had the honor of leading the “go-live” deployment of pipeBOT™, the first pipeline automation tool of its kind for the energy industry. At CruxOCM, our program deployment managers blend elements of Scrum, Agile, and Waterfall methodologies into what we … Read more

Combine physics and predictive control to optimize heavy industry!

My name is Yash, and I’ve had the privilege of being part of the Crux team for over three years. It’s been an incredible journey working alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry. With over a decade of experience in the Oil and Gas sector, my focus has been on automation and optimization … Read more

Optimal hydraulic profiles for energy savings

For those familiar with pipeline hydraulics, this newsletter offers an intriguing read. If you’re not, read on to discover how control room operators manipulate set points to achieve what we call a “lean profile” in the control room. This profile minimizes GHG emissions for current operating pipeline assets. A lean hydraulic profile on a pipeline refers … Read more

Human Process Latency in the Energy Industry

When it comes to discussions around data, decision-making support, and automation, the focus is often on their benefits, yet the underlying reason for their value is not frequently explored. I believe these solutions are crucial because they address what I term “Human Process Latency.” This refers to the cumulative time spent on the numerous small … Read more

Are you looking for that hydraulic maximum?

Maximizing flow rates in a batched liquid pipeline is a nuanced task that is more complex than most would realize. In our maintenance planning practices for pump station maintenance outages, we traditionally employed Steady State hydraulic charts to determine flow rate. Our approach involved running simulations with a typical batch line-up focusing solely on a … Read more

Can hydrogen save the day?

You may have seen my last vlog about Natural Gas vs. Hydrogen… well here I am today to discuss hydrogen again, but instead, the different types of hydrogen and why it’s important.  Hydrogen’s potential as a solution to our energy challenges is well known by its ability to generate clean electricity without harmful emissions. However, not … Read more

The future is not about automating the machines! 

Before starting down the path of studying to become an engineer, I studied forestry and worked for two summers as a fifth and sixth hand on paper machines. I enjoyed the sheer size of the equipment, the complexity of the operations, the volume of paper produced, and especially the interconnected system behavior of all of … Read more

We understand your complex pipeline problems and deliver solutions

Does your business face the critical challenge of maximizing profitability? Is your business facing mounting pressure to adopt sustainable practices? Do the frequent occurrences of human error and potential hazards combine to create a challenging environment for control room operators in your operations? We have the solution to all your problems. Meet pipeBOT™ – the … Read more

Unveiling the Power Struggle – Natural Gas vs. Hydrogen

So I am not convinced at all that blending hydrogen gas into our existing natural gas transmission and distribution systems is a solution that will move the needle with respect to our net zero energy transition goals. If you consider the following:1. Energy density of hydrogen in its gas phase compared to natural gas (or … Read more

Energy transition

In the face of an energy transition, it’s clear that meeting the surging global energy demand requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. Currently, 83% of energy consumption globally is from oil and gas, and it looks as though the best case is that it is going to stay steady. While the shift to renewable energy … Read more

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